Park forest Brezina- Penzión Tiberia

Park forest Brezina

240m away form Tiberia pension you can find Park forest Brezina – lesopark Brezina with its running, hiking and cycling trails. If you love nature, this park forest is the right experience for you.

If you visit Trenčín, you will surely notice its peculiarity – the city ​​is blamed around the natural fortress , which forms its prominent dominance and which includes the castle Matúš Čáka . Historically, the old city was built, using these two natural barriers – rocky and Váh. Bralo is part of the south-western ridge of the Strážovské vrchy , from the back is a plateau , today wooded – forest park Brezina, where Can get right from the city center.

Today the forest park has an area of ​​over 200 hectares. The forest complex in the immediate vicinity of the city center is scarce in particular by providing the city’s inhabitants with the ideal conditions for mental and physical relaxation .